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May 9, 2018

This is my life project. To share with my children and my grandchildren the stories I will never forget, all the moments I have lived with my grandparents and my parents. Because they are mine, my memories. Because they make me cry and laugh at the same time as they hit my eyes and my heart.
The same car that drove my mum to her wedding and the car that drove me to mine deserves to be handed down to my children.


My favourite recipe from my grandmother deserves to be eaten again and again. My dad’s joke needs to be told and laughed at again and again. Even if it has been told 300 times already. Don’t lose what you hold dearest. Don’t let time wash them away.
Follow my journey creating my own memory book and building up my business as a memory hunter and a ghostwriter for your memories, my friend. Maybe one day I can help do the same for you.



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